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Wow I can’t believe the last thing I posted was Happy New Year for 2014. And here we are in March already…almost the end of March for pity’s sake. How did that happen? As we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I had some, I promise, about the things I would share.

Yes we did see the great big impressive fireworks display for New Year – it was amazing despite starting late and having a weird gap in the middle. In fact we watched from a friend’s roof in Jumeirah, and when it seemed to be over I climbed down only to realise the finale was yet to come. I have to admit that I watched the ending on the TV..haha. But it was amazing. Yes it could be considered a waste of money by some, but the child in me really enjoyed it.

New Year 2014 record breaking fireworks

record breaking fireworks

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welcome 2014!

We will hopefully have had a view of the NYE fireworks (the biggest ever in a record-breaking attempt) from our New Year’s Eve dinner spot in Jumeirah 3 (will let you know soonest) – Stu and I would normally have stayed home with a prawn braai and a cold bottle of bubbly, but our visiting family from SA were so excited at the prospect of a the large display that we found a way to make it happen (thanks S & E for the invite).

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, successful 2014. Chat soon x

Happy New Year from sandCat

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a few firsts

So as I mentioned 2 weeks ago we celebrated UAE National Day here in Dubai on the 2nd of December. One of the things they do here on National Day is hold a Mass Wedding at St Mary’s Catholic Church. I had no idea this went on to be honest, I know they do mass weddings in China and other places, but that is about my only knowledge of them. So I was pretty excited to attend one when I was invited by a Filipino lady I have met here in Dubai.

Dubai Weddings Dubai Weddings

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cute artwork

I spotted these when I went out for lunch the other day – instead of a boring old hoarding hiding the building site they had a special needs school decorate it with their artwork. So cheerful!

Special Needs artwork

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min dae* Dubai

We have had an interesting couple of days. We had so much rain overnight last Wednesday that the schools were closed early on Thursday due to the water standing everywhere, and the resulting traffic chaos and leaking roofs no doubt. I went down to Sharjah on Friday and the place was a mess, great big ponds of water standing on the highway – it took me over 2 hours to get home again as traffic was at a standstill, not helped by dumb drivers going too fast and changing lanes at the last second as they do here – not really the recommended way to drive on wet roads but there you go. We have a had a cool and overcast weekend which I am loving I must say although poor Stu had to get up at 1am this morning to head off again on another business trip, the last for the year Insha’Allah.

Sharjah Lake

makes parking tricky

Rain in Sharjah

A very wet highway…

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Contribute to the Strays

If you would like to contribute a few dollars towards my TNR work with the strays of Dubai I would be most grateful

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