our ecological footprint

I wanted to share this little film clip from Emirates Wildlife Society with you as it’s something we all tend to forget about living here, but the reality is we all need to start making better choices.

Emirates Wildlife Society – UAE Ecological Footprint -2010: UAE

This stop-motion animation for WWF/EWS took over 150 hours of set building, 300 newspapers, and 200 hours of shooting for 2500 stills. The process took place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London and needed over 50 hours of meetings and more than 400 cups of coffee.


Client: Emirates Wildlife Society – World Wildlife Fund
Advertising Agency: AYA Middle East
Creative director: Kal Dreisziger, AYA
Copywriter: Kal Dreisziger, AYA
Art director: Viko Ferrari, AYA
Director: Ben Falk
Producer: Phil Vanier, Asylum Films
Production Designer: Pippa Culpepper, Asylum Films
Art Director: Sarah Ascroft-Leigh, Asylum Films
Production Company: Asylum Films, Asylum Films
Post production / Animation: Asylum Films

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