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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, the 8th of May, is Mother’s Day in South Africa and the US. Here in Dubai we had Mother’s Day on the 21st of March, the same day as Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and Yemen. If you live in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India or Pakistan you will have to wait until the 10th of May for your breakfast in bed ladies. Mothering Sunday in the UK falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which this year was the 3rd April. In Mauritius it’s the last Sunday of May.


[image credit: Arnaldur Halldorsson at NordicPhotos]

I was going to start this post by saying I am lucky and grateful to (now) be blessed with three Moms as it were. Number one of course is my actual Mom, the woman who gave birth to me and put up with me firstly as a serious toddler, later a stroppy teenager and then a major party animal in my twenties, and who is still wonderfully supportive and non-judgemental. I love you Ma! Later there was my step Mother, who came along when I was all grown up, and has been a generous and brilliant person to me and a welcome addition to the family. And lastly I gained a mother-in-law, the last Mum on the scene who, despite some initial clash of wills, has become very important to me too.

But then thinking about it a little more I realised that there are other Mother figures in my life that have had an impact, and who also deserve a mention and some acknowledgement. Firstly my Godmother, and Aunty, Diz whom I have known almost as long as my Mom, and despite not seeing her that often now, is never far from my thoughts. Next was our next-door neighbour whilst we were growing up, Aunty Lucky, who baby-sat and fed us when our folks were out, and would always make us all platefuls of prawn cracker chips if we nagged her long (and loudly) enough. Then Tannie Loo, the mother of my first boyfriend, who welcomed me into her family home when I moved in with her son, and taught me not to shovel my peas and to ALWAYS say goodbye to everyone in the house when leaving for the day. And then Aunty Jen, my neighbour when I was living on my own in my late twenties, who looked after me like her own daughter and loves still to listen to all my trials, tribulations and gossip. I guess that proverb really is true: “It takes a village to raise a child”.

I love you ladies, enjoy your special day.

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