I can’t tell you

I had a rather frustrating, and completely fruitless, conversation with a customer service person today on the phone. Unfortunately, as entertaining as this conversation may have been for you to read, I cannot share it with you. According to the law here it is illegal to “name and shame” companies that give bad customer service, in fact not only is it illegal but you can be prosecuted for libel and go to jail (I would guess HelloPeter is probably not eyeing the Middle East as his next target – more’s the pity).


[don’t criticise please]

Perhaps even discussing this law would be a bad idea, so all I can say on this matter is that had a very pointless conversation with a customer “service” representative and then I gave up in disgust, hanging up on the person I was trying to speak to. I am not proud of this behaviour, but it was either that, or swear at the individual. I chose, I think, the lesser of the two evils.

My mounting irritation, and my mood in general, was not helped in any way by the horrible weather today, extremely hot and sticky with 85% humidity.

I hope your National Women’s Day (in South Africa in any case) was good.

See you soon.

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