Something is on fire in Motor City / Sports City this morning.

fire in Motor City

[the view from my balcony today]

Sharaf strikes again

My run-ins with Sharaf DG are nothing new (here and here), but unfortunately for me I had to venture back there today as my dust-buster has stopped charging, and the 24 month supplier guarantee expires tomorrow (wouldn’t you know it)!

Of course no real surprise to be told by them that THEY only offer a 12 month warranty and don’t match what is in the warranty info supplied by the manufacturer. I will let the UK based company know for what it’s worth, but I can’t say I am really that surprised at Sharaf’s attitude, especially judging by their great service record with me so far.

Now if I could just find a way to safely dispose of this defunct appliance. Any ideas?


We have just moved to a lovely, brand new, much bigger villa in Sports City. I am really really excited that we now have a proper shower as opposed to a shower attachment above the bath-tub (which for some reason is the norm here), and of course really happy that we are paying less money for more space, but most of all I am thrilled at my brand new discovery – a lovely and seemingly very authentic French bakery.


[macaroons and a yummy choccie eclair]

The bakery is one of the new retail shops along the main street through Uptown Motorcity, just along from the new new Spinneys, apprently the biggest one in Dubai. The only teeny tiny gripe I have is the parking – or should I say the lack thereof. When all the apartments are occupied it’s going to be impossible, especially as there is a very officious security guard phoning the registration numbers of illegal parkers in to Dubai Police (yes we had words). Anyway, please don’t let that stop you from trying “Le Succès” (that’s the bakery). If you would like to pre-order anything, like say a yummy quiche, the number is 04-4474163.

Tres delicieux.

And no, they didnt pay me for this, I just had to share the great news.

the RTA army does it again!

Two or so days ago there was an item in the paper about the RTA increasing parking tariffs on paid parking meters in the city to 2 dirhams an hour. As is usual with these kinds of stories there was little info on when this would be done and if the new tariff would apply to every hour or just the first one. Well the RTA army has done it again. I am not sure how but overnight it seems they have descended on the city and not only changed the actual charging mechanism on the meter, but also managed to update the notices displayed about the new tariff and in some cases update the parking zone number (used for paying via SMS). New fees shown in the picture – happily a full day is still 10 dirhams.


[new parking tariffs]


it’s open


The Greens bridge is finally open. Yay!

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