the “O” word

I was devastated when the organic shop that I discovered in April last year closed it’s doors barely 3 months after I found it. I still get upset thinking about it. Yes yes, you still can get organic meat and vegetables here, the Organic Cafe has a good selection of vegetables (as long as you get there on the delivery day) and the supermarkets have some here and there. But mostly they are imported and I hate having to buy an organic onion that has been flown half-way around the world. In my book I would rather buy something produced a little closer even if it isn’t organic. It is an ongoing debate I have with myself – organic vs carbon footprint.

Woe is me.


[missing those lovely markets in Paris]

However all (hope) is not lost – we have (some) options again. First is the very popular bumble box which has been going a few months now, down at the Garden Center in Al Quoz, on a saturday. A choice of two mixed seasonal boxes, one large and one small, that you collect once a week. Fab. And now a second option. Well, from next month (September) technically. It’s called Ripe.

Hmmmmm, reading the website now it kinda looks like the Bumble Box is becoming Ripe. Same place, same price. Ok, seems it’s still only one option.

Still, it’s better than nothing. 🙂

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