Ramadan Kareem

Yes it is that time of year again. Ramadan begins today. I can’t believe that this will be my sixth Ramadan in Dubai. I am not sure where the time has gone.

But that isn’t the point of this post. I wanted to wish all my lovely readers a peaceful and successful fasting period and a blessed Holy Month.

Ramadan Kareem

To those of us that aren’t fasting please be mindful of our friends and colleagues who are. That means no eating or drinking in public (in the UAE at least) and the wearing of more conservative clothing please girls.

If you are spending the summer in Dubai, or visiting for that matter, and wondering where you can grab something to eat or drink during the day then I recommend reading (and saving) Foodiva’s blog post today on just this subject (thank you Samantha for the useful list).

Ramadan Kareem 
رمضان كريم


a cool graphic for a hot Ramadan

According to The National newspaper we are in for a hot Ramadan this year, in fact one of the warmest in 33 years.

They created this cool graphic to illustrate the level of heat we’ll be dealing with and have compared that with Ramadans dating back to 1979, the last time it fell back into July.

It may be difficult to see in this format, so a link to the article and to the PDF.

Ramadan Kareem

The holy month of Ramadan begins today. I wish you all a happy and blessed month.

Ramadan Kareem 
رمضان كريم

[thanks to PhotoWallz for the image]

Eid Mubarak

Today, the 30th of August, has been declared the start of Eid Ul Fitr here in the UAE. The new moon was sighted last night.

Congratulations to all of you that have completed a successful fast. It’s been tough this year with the summer heat. Well done!

EID MUBARAK!     عيد مبارك

image source: http://tariqraheel.blogspot.com

the art of giving

I spoke about fasting and Iftar earlier this week. Ritual fasting during Ramadan is one of three types of fasting (Sawm) practised by Muslims. Sawm is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. The other four pillars are:

  • Shahada – accepting Muhammad as God’s messenger
  • Salat – the five daily prayers
  • Zakāt – alms giving
  • Hajj – a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca


[great idea]

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