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Dubai residence…take 5

Stu and I set off this morning to (finally) apply for my new residence visa. He has changed jobs, and so has a new visa, which means I too must change (as he is my sponsor). This is the 5th time I am doing a residence visa, I had one in my own right once upon a time (ie employer sponsored) but this will be my 4th overall as the “housewife” (haha).

Anyway you would think that we are old hands at this based on the number of times we have done it, certainly it works out at more than once a year. But of course nothing is ever that simple. Besides the fact that things are not the same if you are doing a Dubai proper visa, a Freezone visa (Jebel Ali), a Freezone visa (Tecom) or a Freezone visa (DMCC*) the requirements within each section also change. I have no problem with that, things evolve over time. What does get my goat is that these requirements are not widely known or published**, and sometimes it can really depend on the day, the office and the officer you speak to at immigration on how strictly they are enforced.


[makes me crazy]

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