Paris V Dubai

I really enjoyed my 8 day vacation in Paris, but of course its also nice to be home. Back in the sandpit and back with the kitties, who I missed tons. It is also cooling down now a teeny-tiny smidge which is fabulous news I’m sure you’ll agree.


[me at the Arc de Triomphe]

The things that make Paris so different from Dubai really struck me on this trip, perhaps because we stayed a little longer this time.
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three holidays and a wedding

I do apologise for the rather sporadic posts this month so far, but we have had a very busy fortnight indeed. We started our leave with a 4 night trip to London, leaving Dubai on the 27th November from the new Emirates terminal, terminal 3, at Dubai International. And I must say what a vast improvement over the other, older terminals. We were off to the UK for three very special and important reasons; first, my little brother’s wedding; second, my nephew’s Christening, and last but not least I was going to see my family again after some long months apart.

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“goozi” and some very good art

I have returned from my short trip to Bahrain, safe and sound. Despite the fact that I was going on business and not pleasure, I really enjoyed the visit. Sadly one night is not long enough to get a true sense of a place but I liked it nonetheless. Bahrain, or to be very correct, the Kingdom of Bahrain, is an island in the Persian Gulf, joined via a 25km bridge to Saudi Arabia in the west, and a planned fixed-link (which will be the longest in the world) will link it to Qatar in the south. It’s a a mere 55mins by air from Dubai, not counting all the unavoidable “hurry up and wait” time at the airport of course. I was warmly welcomed by my airport transfer guy, which was gracious of him considering that the flight had been delayed by an hour and he had been waiting for me a good while by the time I arrived. The first thing I noticed on leaving the airport was the weather, definitely cooler and more temperate than Dubai. Happily the trip to the hotel took all of 15 minutes, there is certainly less traffic in Bahrain, and nothing seems very far away. The chaps in the local office told me they even pop home at lunch time, it is that quiet and that close. The hotel I was booked into was on the beach once but as they have reclaimed some land in front of it now you get to look into a construction site. You can still see the sea in the distance but that part wasn’t great. We had a good meeting with our customer, well I think we did, and then we went to the mall for lunch. I stumbled across a local fast food spot called the Yum Yum Tree. Almost like a deli concept, large dishes of ready made meals on display and they serve you a portion of what is displayed. I didn’t know what was what so pointed at something that looked good and seemed popular with the locals. From the receipt I can now tell you that the dish is called goozi. Yes sounds weird but its very nice, rice with lamb, raw peppers and raisins. I had mine with a Greek salad. Very yummy.


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Animal Rescue

If you would like to contribute a few dollars towards my TNR work with stray cats I would be most grateful

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