I forgot

Dear me, clearly a sign of advancing age or something, I forgot to blog about my first experience of the Dubai Police, which occurred yesterday. A friend and I decided to go to Ikea to do a spot of shopping. Yes Stu refuses to set foot in the place, and I don’t blame him actually, its always packed full of people with prams when I go there. Anyway she collected me from home and we set off in her little rental car, and were almost at the store, coming around a bend and joining the traffic when a car came out of nowhere and went into us (well bounced off us it seemed). The best (worst?) part was that he just kept on driving! She and I were a little shaken, and astounded. We obviously decided straight away to call the police (you aren’t supposed to move your car until they have been even if no-one has been injured which makes traffic interesting at times), especially as it’s a rental car and we didn’t want any issues with getting it repaired. So she called them, and they arrived after about 10 minutes, very quickly indeed. As the other guy had left the scene we automatically got the green slip (if you get the red slip its your fault), and they left. Very painless actually, well except for the hurt car that is.

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