Dubai exit – part two

It’s done. We have now left Dubai. Wow I feel exhausted I must say but happy to finally be on the other end, unpacked (well my suitcase anyway) and staying put for a while. I am the proud owner of a little town car here in Knysna (well fuel is pretty expensive here) and have just joined an Executive Hub so that I can work easily on a day to day basis (decent internet speed is not so common here). The weather is pretty chilly but its so pretty that I don’t mind.

sandCat in Knysna

The last few days in Dubai were quite hectic as you can imagine – trying (and failing in some cases) to see people to say goodbye to, wrapping up our accommodation and getting the deposit refunded (easy as it turns out for a change), spending time with special friends (thanks again Carol and John for letting me stay with you) and generally trying not to cry at the most inopportune moments. I feel truly blessed to have had the 6 year experience, and for the wonderful people I met along the way. Thanks to you all for being part of my journey.

I will be continuing my blog but with a different focus – so expect a few changes in the next few days as I move the Dubai section to its own subdirectory, and start with a clean slate and new look. Everything will still live here at so don’t worry I am not going far.

As promised I have finished my exit check-list (for those that requested it) and you can download this here in PDF. I may have missed some things so apologies for that, but I hope it helps you nonetheless.

Chat again soon 🙂

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