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Custard Apples

[custard apples]

I am not going to start this post with an(other) apology for my lack of input in the last few days (ok weeks then). All I will say is that the highlight of my week this week was buying a new exotic fruit from the supermarket today, namely a custard apple, all the way from Latin America (or maybe Australia, who can say). Supposedly you let it ripen like an avocado, then cut it in half and spoon out the flesh. No idea what it will taste like, certainly I hope it will taste better than it looks, but I will be sure to let you know.

As for the rest of my time since I returned from vacation? Well I feel like I have been visiting another planet called “limbo land”, endlessly applying for jobs online and refining my CV to within an inch of it’s life. Again. I have also discovered that most recruitment agents in Dubai, and even the companies when you apply directly, don’t contact you at all when they receive your application. In fact most adverts state that unless you are short-listed you won’t be contacted. All rather soul destroying when you hear nothing and realise you weren’t chosen. Well, it’s not completely true actually, I was happily referred to two agents who did, and do, call me, so I guess you can’t generalise. Well not entirely. I also discovered that some job websites (Jobs in Dubai in fact) expect YOU to pay THEM to match you with relevant ads (not gonna happen); that my cats can’t hold a decent conversation (big surprise) and that surfing the internet all day is not so much fun when you aren’t skivvying off from something else you should be doing instead (like work). I learnt that Reebok and Cirque du Soleil have teamed up to bring us a brand new workout experience called JUKARI (which really looks like fun); that a tank of petrol lasts a reeeeeaaaaally long time when you have nowhere to go and that there are a LOT of house-wives in this town that spend a lot of time ferrying children around in the afternoons (ok that probably goes for anywhere). But as most of these discoveries are rather boring I will stop there.

Something interesting I can share with you instead is that the Burj Dubai is set to finally open it’s doors on December the 2nd this year. After three and a half years in the building (part of) the tower will be ready for launch day. At 800m it’s the highest tower in the world, 3 permanent cleaning crews will travel up and down to keep it clean, taking a total of three months to finish the entire surface just once (fancy that job Ma??). The 160 floors will house 16,000 people as well as offices and shops. The elevators will carry people at 10m/second (eek). The tip of the tower can be seen from up to 95km away (on the rare clear day we have here) and is also a lightning conductor (one of many I would think). I am certainly planning a visit to the viewing deck which will be open on the 124th floor, and will have a 360° view of Dubai. Wow!

Oh yes, my second residence visa has now been cancelled, so I will be going back onto Stu’s visa. This means another set of blood tests and x-rays, le sigh.

Random fact #12: the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) station on the new Dubai Metro has been logged as the busiest of the 10 that are open, over 600,000 of the 1.5 million passengers so far got onto or off the train here.

Remember to get your Dubai 7’s tickets, it all kicks off (haha) on the 3rd December. See you there!

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