paper in all it’s guises (ok some of them anyway)

Over the last month or so Stu and I took part in a paper recycling drive, called “My Tree In Dubai”, launched by EEG in March. The idea was to recycle 60kgs of paper, and earn one of 250 trees that would be planted in Dubai. If you managed to qualify your tree would be named after you. The only hassly part was having to take the paper down to the center in Beach Road, but the rest was easy, and fun, especially considering there was even a facebook application where you could update the weight deposited with the date, and a few more leaves would be added according to how close you were to the target as a percentage.


[the plaque]

As we recycle anyway I was really excited to take part and get a tree planted in my name, and so, with some help from a friend or two, we managed to collect 84kgs of paper in one month. Wow! In fact around 30 TONNES of paper were collected overall by people in Dubai, in one month! Unbelievable really.

On Saturday we all gathered at Mushrif Park near Mirdiff, where we were given our plaques (plastic sadly not bronze), a spade and a rather small sapling to plant ourselves. Happily the holes had already been dug for us.


[our tree baby’s new home]

Mushrif Park is actually a lovely spot, more of an un-tamed and natural park compared to Safa and the Creek Parks, it felt really bush-like actually. We will have to take a picnic with us on our next visit – when we check on the tree and take it some Bokashi juice in a week or two, and make sure it hasn’t keeled over or anything.


[so little, grow little tree grow]

All this talk of paper brings me to my next point or, should I say, gripe. We decided, what with Stu changing jobs again, to get our very own post office box. In fact Emirates Post is currently running a campaign encouraging you to do this and even offering prizes for people who register in the next month or so. The sad and frustrating reality is – there aren’t any boxes to be had! Well not anywhere on this side of town. And by this I mean anywhere from the Jumeirah branch to the Al Barsha branch and everything in-between. Even more annoyingly there is no waiting list or any other kind of reservation or booking system to solve this conundrum.

The worst and most aggravating part is that I missed securing one on the first day I enquired, when there was actually one available, as I didn’t have the requisite 2 photos and passport copy with me, nor a completed application form to take advantage of this fact. And now the last three times I have been there over the past two weeks I have been told there are no free boxes. Aaargh.

Maybe I should just open a branch of PostNet here, and kill two birds with one stone.

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