only in Dubai

Dubai is not a city for walking, not really.

I first noticed this when I went to the bank in Bur Dubai to close an account. I had to wait for them to process something so went for a walk to find a cup of coffee whilst I waited. In the centre of the triple-lane road is a big grassy island, but it is surrounded by a railing type fence so you cannot traverse it – once you have taken your life in your hands to cross the road you then have to walk parallel to it on the pavement (if there is one) to the next intersection to be able to cross all the way over.

I guess they figured that it’s either too hot or too dusty or too far to really walk anywhere here so they didn’t factor it into the plans.

The picture below I took outside our office yesterday. Nice crossing – straight into a thorny bougainvillea bush. Ouch.

Dubai crossing

[crossing into a bush]

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