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So I am sitting here writing this from our lovely hotel room in Chablis, France. The birds are tweeting in the trees, lovely green trees, outside. Its slightly chilly, about 19 degrees C, but the sun is shining and the air is free of dust. All good. But I thought I better get some thoughts down about last week, when Stu and I visited two restaurants during the Jumeirah restaurant week in Dubai. That is before the wonderful food and wine we are having here in France makes me forget all about it.

The restaurant week runs for…a week obviously, and is intended as a way to encourage you to try new restaurants in the group. Offering a set menu for a special price, excluding grape beverages sadly, the idea is to highlight a few of the dishes on offer in each case.

So to start we visited Blue Flame at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel. Essentially what appears to be an upmarket steakhouse the restaurant also offers cooking classes where you get to make your dinner and then eat it, along with a glass of bubbly. Nice idea. I started with a delicious Carpaccio served with iced pear slices and Gorgonzola ice-cream (sorry no pic). I then had the Salmon main course followed by a delicious although rather large Creme Brulee. Yum yum.

The second restaurant we tried later in the week was La Parilla at the Beach Hotel. A mix of a few South American styles of food complete with live music, which was thankfully subtle and not too intrusive. At intervals during the evening the lights were turned up for live Latin dancing by a very energetic couple who looked at times like they were in the middle of a row with one another, but maybe that’s the Latin passion on show. Anyway the setting is lovely, on the 21st floor of the hotel (I think, more or less anyway), with a view of the Burj al Arab but the food was under-whelming. We were given an amuse bouche of Gazpacho which was more garlicky than tomato-ey. I had a chicken soup to start which was nice enough followed by a steak, which the waiter assured me was grass fed beef. It was ok but not fantastic. After voicing our disappointment in the meal we were delivered a complimentary dessert, those little doughnutty things I have forgotten the name of. No surprise as they were essentially taste-less. We did have a nice bottle of Laroche merlot at least.

If you had the view, setting and service of La Parilla with the kitchen and food of Blue Flame you would have a magic restaurant. Be that as it may we will definitely return to Blue Flame for the food.

I shall be back with some French food updates later this week…a bientot 🙂

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