flat-pack fiasco

I honestly can’t believe that another weekend is ending. For some reason the fact that friday is a day off here doesn’t seem to compute, mostly it just feels like a day you have bunked off work and so it passes in a flash and before you know it, its Saturday and you finally feel like its weekend, but then Saturday evening you realise that you have now had your weekend and it’s work tomorrow. I have been here now just short of a month and it’s really flown by. And this weekend of course was no exception.

To begin with Friday was a BIG day – the day we had decided to let the cats out for the first time. Having collared and tagged them the night before we were all prepared for the event. If your cat gets lost here and doesn’t have a municipal tag it gets destroyed, however if it is tagged then you will (should?) get it back. Seems the microchip doesn’t really feature at all. Happily the pet relocation service included this registration. The cats were rather hesitant at first at the idea of all this space and the great outdoors, but eventually they all ventured outside and spent about an hour exploring the garden. William finally headed up the tree and then onto the wall. This was our cue to bring them in, we felt rather nervous that he was going to head over the wall.

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