flat-pack fiasco

I honestly can’t believe that another weekend is ending. For some reason the fact that friday is a day off here doesn’t seem to compute, mostly it just feels like a day you have bunked off work and so it passes in a flash and before you know it, its Saturday and you finally feel like its weekend, but then Saturday evening you realise that you have now had your weekend and it’s work tomorrow. I have been here now just short of a month and it’s really flown by. And this weekend of course was no exception.

To begin with Friday was a BIG day – the day we had decided to let the cats out for the first time. Having collared and tagged them the night before we were all prepared for the event. If your cat gets lost here and doesn’t have a municipal tag it gets destroyed, however if it is tagged then you will (should?) get it back. Seems the microchip doesn’t really feature at all. Happily the pet relocation service included this registration. The cats were rather hesitant at first at the idea of all this space and the great outdoors, but eventually they all ventured outside and spent about an hour exploring the garden. William finally headed up the tree and then onto the wall. This was our cue to bring them in, we felt rather nervous that he was going to head over the wall.

After this our plan was to head off to Ikea and get some furniture for the study, we had checked on-line to discover that the store is only open 2 hours on a Friday so we had to dash. However the location of the Ikea seemed to be somewhat of a mystery to my husband, all he knew was that it had taken him 3 hours to find the last time and was in no hurry to repeat that experience. We found it in the GPS, well actually not the Ikea itself but the shopping centre next to it, and set off with some urgency. Of course anyone anyone living in Dubai will tell you that a GPS is mostly useless here and will only give you a general idea of where you need to go, this is largely due to the fact that the maps were last updated during the crusades, and roads / malls and intersections are literally created here overnight, so nothing is where you, or the garmin, expect.

When we finally found the the Ikea it was heaving, full of people with kids and prams and trolleys all dawdling down the aisles. The challenge with the shop is that you start in the showroom so you can find the thing you want, then you have to jot down the location of the item so you can find it later in the self-service area downstairs. The shop is cleverly designed so that you have to walk all the way past everything to get downstairs, dodging all these people and their children all the way along. Not the best way to maintain your patience and good mood. We managed to figure out how to find the stuff we wanted, eventually, and we loaded up the trolley. Its a good workout I must say heaving flat-pack furniture onto your trolley. We headed home with a full car to commence assembly. This is where the fun started 🙂

We had bought 5 large flat-pack items of furniture – a desk, two bookcase type things, a sidetable and a set of drawers on castors, and various other bits and bobs like some lamps, towels, pillows etc. Stu assembled the first bookcase and bedside table like a machine. However when he opened the second bookcase we discovered that the guy in the factory must have been smoking crack or something as none of the holes were where they should be and the thing just would not fit together. So back into the box it went. We then opened the drawer set, to find we had managed to buy the correct item only it was bright red. And the desk we had purchased was pitch black. So 3 items went back into the car to be returned the next day.

After that we were hot and bothered, so headed back to PQ (le pain quotidien) for lunch. It was busy and the service was rather appalling, as was the meal sadly. Happily Stu made us pizza for dinner which more than made up for it.

Saturday we headed back to Ikea, luckily this time we knew where we were going so it didn’t take long. We then to our embarrassment discovered that their IS a label on the shelf indicating the colour of the item as sometimes it does come in more than one option 🙂 Oh dear!

Incidentally I have also finished the unpacking of our “personal effects”, this being our boxes of stuff from home. The reality that this is home is starting to sink in now.. Hopefully with our furnishing quest complete our weekends going forward will be our own. Watch this space…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting and waiting for someone to bring Ikea to SA. And if they ever do, I will remember your tip that the items ARE colour-coded on the shelves!

    Fiona XX

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