it’s a crime wave

We returned from our 10 day holiday on Monday (yes it was lovely thank you) to discover that we had been victims of crime! And this after we had been feeling a) very smug about the fact that there is little to no crime here in Dubai and b) rather relieved to have escaped Johannesburg relatively unscathed in the first place. We had left our garden gate unlocked whilst we were away so that our gardener could water our lawn, which was vital given that we spent a small fortune on replacing said lawn a few months ago, and it was going to be rather warm and dry whilst we were away (well what’s new right?). Anyway, we got home to find that our sprinkler had vanished, along with the connection for the garden hose along with it.

Now you may be wondering why we left our gate unlocked in the first place. Well thereby hangs another tale, which is that getting a key cut in this town is like trying to find a hen’s tooth, get blood from a stone or turn water into wine (pick your favourite impossibility if you would). The only locksmith / key cutter I managed to find in the days before we left was in Satwa, which is in the older part of Dubai and is chaotic, noisy and crowded; sadly he was closed when I got there (yes bad timing, it was between 1 and 4 in the afternoon). Then I was told by a friend that she was sure there was a place in the Ibn Battuta mall that does keys. Alas when I got there I discovered that yes there had been one but sadly they had closed down. So the key remained un-duplicated and therefore we had to leave the gate unlocked for reasons already explained. This was easier than risking our green-thumbed fellow from losing the only copy altogether. Incidentally it is the second time we have had a hose-pipe connection thingie nicked, the first one was ages ago from the hose in the carport and not worth mentioning at the time. I said to Stu that its a blessing that our outside furniture wasn’t also stolen, probably only because its difficult to carry on a bicycle.

Anyway I was feeling rather annoyed about the whole thing, and then this morning our dear gardener turned up to water the lawn as requested, and lo and behold he had the missing sprinkler with him and put it back. I must say I am very happy to be proved wrong on this one!

We are off to Cirque du Soleil on thursday, that is at least something to look forward to now that the holiday is over.

3 Responses to it’s a crime wave

  • Anonymous says:

    Goodness me – what a lawless city you live in. Sounds like the Wild West!!

    Lovely to see you in JHB. Don’t wait too long before the next visit!



  • samuraisam says:

    I got about 20 copies of some keys made in Satwa, there must be hundreds of places around there that do it for next to nothing, but yeah, between 1 and 4 you don’t have much chance.

  • Cat Russell says:

    @samuraisam Hehe yeah I guess I should have persisted but didn’t have the time (or energy). Will try again in due course, thanks for the feedback. Cat

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