be careful out there

I guess the warning on aerosol cans really SHOULD be taken seriously.

aerosol explosion

A South African chap, Steve Hawthorne, returned to his Pajero last week, after parking it in the sun for an hour or two over lunchtime, to find that the aerosol can of “cooling spray” he kept in the car to cool down the steering wheel had exploded in the heat. Not only that but it had sliced right through the door!

We all know how dangerously hot vehicles get here, there are stories every year about people dying after falling asleep in cars or buses, but it seems even more care is needed. Don’t leave aerosol cans or electronic goods in your car. I would say even original CDs won’t last long this way.

The full story is here.

Image scanned from the Xpress paper, June 4

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