choose wisely

There have been a few reports in the paper lately about the state of fish stocks in the waters around the UAE and the bottom line is that some species are in big trouble.

So before you buy or order fish PLEASE take a few minutes to read the list below, and then chose something that is sustainable.

Over-exploited and off the menu

Heading towards trouble, eat only occasionally

  • Souli
  • Badah
  • Kofar
  • Aqalah

Eat as much as you like

  • Jesh Um Al Hala or Trevally family
  • Faskar or Twobar Seabream
  • Ebzimi
  • Anfooz or Yellowbar Angelfish
  • Shari Eshkeli
  • Yanam
  • Naiser, some of the Snapper family

Unfortunately as these are the local names I couldn’t find information on all, also Yemah and Yanam seem to refer to the same fish, so I will be avoiding both.

In South Africa the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) implemented an SMS service where you are able to text the name of the fish to a local number there and find out it’s status. Very useful indeed.

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