mobile car dude :-)

My car decided to give up the ghost this afternoon. Well actually it was the battery that gave up. I think the heat out here destroys them pretty quickly.

After waiting an hour for the roadside-assistance guy from the insurers (thank goodness I wasn’t still in Jozi) I consulted my dear friend google (thank goodness for mobile internet) and found, on expatwomen, the number for a battery dude.

And wouldn’t you know he and the insurance guy arrived within minutes of each other despite me telling the first not to bother after 80 mins had passed.


[Kuwaiti power]

Long story short, I am now the proud, ok maybe grateful, owner of a brand new Kuwaiti-made battery.

If you need the battery dude’s number here it is                     . Save it now!

Incidentally I am off for my mini summer vacation this friday! Woohoo another glorious week in France. I can’t believe its been a year since our last trip there, time flies in Dubai doesn’t it?

Chat soon. A bientot.

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