lying cheat (rant)

Previously I told you about a mobile car battery dude that comes to you and replaces your battery on-site.

I had the misfortune to have both cars die on me late last year (heat and sand and batteries not a good combination I guess) and he replaced them both. The one in my Suzuki has a 1 year warranty (haha) and the one in the Pajero only had 6 months.

Being the loving wife I am I took Stu’s car to work today so that I could fill the tank for him before he needs it tomorrow (he has been away on business) and lo and behold it died (again) on me.

So I called said battery guy, who arrived an hour later and replaced the battery (for a Saudi made one this time) and then coolly demanded 570 dirhams.

I (somewhat) calmly informed him that he had replaced it only last November (did he not remember coming to MoE to do this?) and so it clearly fell within the 6 month warranty period he told me it carried. Of course I had received no invoice nor warranty card to prove this AS HE NEVER GAVE ME ONE – at the time it was, of course, “no need no need madam”.

So we had a stand up screaming row in the street (well I screamed that he was a filthy lying thief, he just smiled and bobbed his head). In the end I paid him something, snatched the warranty card for this new one out of his grubby little fingers, and stormed inside.

So please ignore my previous recommendation, and always always remember to get your proof of purchase no matter what! You would think I would know better right?

Lesson learnt this end.


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