from an occasionally sunny England…

The sun is shining this morning, and after almost 2 weeks in the southern part of the UK I can tell you its quite unusual for their summer so far. Mostly we have had rain, and occasionally some very hectic winds, but after the Dubai heat and dust we really haven’t minded at all. Green is so pretty!

Sunday night we spent in Padstow in Cornwall, probably best known as Rick Stein’s current home town. We stayed in his hotel, and ate in the bistro. Well as you would expect the food was sublime.

I had scallops to start, after doing my best not to fill up on home-made sourdough and walnut bread which was tricky let me tell you as both were very tasty. Stu started with the tomato and roast pepper soup. We then shared the chateaubriand (medium rare of course, no indemnity required*) and a lovely bottle of Malbec from argentina. The steak came with quite average potato dauphinoise and fresh peppery watercress, also accompanied by a side salad of red onion and baby romaine lettuce. Honestly we were so full after that we skipped pudding and went for a walk around the lovely village instead. And in an effort not to appear like a dork for once I didn’t take any pics of the dinner, which I regret now! So sorry.

Breakfast the next morning was served in the bistro dining room as well, best eggs benedict I can remember I must say. That I did photograph :).

We have moved on to Bath now, and will end our UK tour in Cardiff to see some friends before heading home to heat and dust on Friday, where we will eagerly await the arrival of the signed Rick Stein cook-book we bought.

* when you order anything medium rare in the UK you get some very worried looks and much “must check with the kitchen”ings. Sad.

Have not managed to add captions on the iPad app so here is the blurb for the pics above…

Image 1: the lovely Devon countryside
Image 2: Rick Stein’s hotel & bistro
Image 3: the bistro
Image 4: breakfast spread
Image 5: lovely eggs benedict
Image 6: sunny Bath (today at least)

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