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Custard Apples

[custard apples]

I am not going to start this post with an(other) apology for my lack of input in the last few days (ok weeks then). All I will say is that the highlight of my week this week was buying a new exotic fruit from the supermarket today, namely a custard apple, all the way from Latin America (or maybe Australia, who can say). Supposedly you let it ripen like an avocado, then cut it in half and spoon out the flesh. No idea what it will taste like, certainly I hope it will taste better than it looks, but I will be sure to let you know.

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time to paper myself?

Traditionally the gift for reaching your first anniversary is paper. Well, that is for a wedding anniversary anyway. I wonder if the same thing applies for other kinds of anniversaries? I have been thinking about this all weekend, probably because I have now officially been in the UAE one year, as of the 30th July. I think I will have to buy myself a new notebook (the paper kind that is not a pc) to commemorate the day.

Frankies JBR

[Frankies @ JBR =  lovely]

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seriously hot, really, seriously

We attended South Africa Day here in Dubai on Friday last week, the 1st of May, which was to celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa, which was on the 27th April. Last year the location of this was the Mina Seyahi Yacht Club which must have been lovely. In fact it was a very popular event last year, we even read about it in the local paper in Johannesburg at the time. The food and drink were also fully sponsored last year I believe which may account for the crowds, a great deal of whom, I have subsequently learned, were not even South African. But I digress.

[drumming at SA Day]

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be careful what you wish for

It seems Murphy, that is Murphy of the infamous “Murphy’s Law”, and perhaps even Paddy, who reckoned Murphy was an optimist, would be satisfied today. I left the office last night looking forward to my drive home for a change. And why was this you may ask? Well, simply because I had made myself a fresh mixed-mp3-cd for the car and was eager to listen to some new music en route. But of course, for a change, there was no traffic to speak of and my ride home took me all of 15 minutes. So tempting fate even further last night I mentioned it to Stu and said how disappointed I was.

I had to eat those words this morning however, it took me almost an hour to get to the office, for some unknown and unapparent reason the traffic crawled all the way from Al Khail road to Al Lahbab road, pretty much my entire route. So there you have it, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. The only consolation was I got to sing all the way, so that helped. A lot!

a spot of culture

I don’t think I have mentioned it before, but I have joined a local literary circle or book-club. Well it could not be more different from my other, crazy, festively social book-club, where books are incidental and the wine and gossip is WAY more exciting than the literature. No, at Kutub we all read the same book, in either Arabic or English, and then we discuss it over fruit juice instead of wine. It’s very grown-up indeed, and very interesting 🙂

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Animal Rescue

If you would like to contribute a few dollars towards my TNR work with stray cats I would be most grateful

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