as if, and why?

There has been an email doing the rounds in the last few days containing pictures of a Mercedes that has a white gold body, which were apparently taken outside the Mall of the Emirates. These can be seen here. Of course its completely over the top, but somehow that is something I have come to expect living here, and whilst it is rather extreme its probably not that unthinkable that someone does own such a vehicle here. No,  my real issue is why would you bother? Not in terms of the cost and effort, but in terms of the fact you could never really practically use that kind of vehicle here.

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yes beauty CAN be calculated, and Christmas in Dubai: part 2

our tree

[our tree]

So the jolly old guy with his white beard and red suit has been and gone for another year. Luckily for me my change of address memo must have reached the north pole in time as I received this very intriguing looking book from my boss, a lovely pair of sunglasses (see pic below) and our secret santa at lunch yesterday brought me some scrapbooking goodies. I am a very lucky girl indeed (this said without any sarcasm whatsoever). Honest.

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desert detox & “going native”

My recent silence is not for any reason other than my lack of anything interesting to report. Today we reach the halfway mark in our 10 day detox. Stu has a rather inflamed and sad gallbladder, so instead of just having it sliced out of him we decided to try an alternative approach first. Our new naturopath has placed us on a rather uninspiring diet of brown rice (organic of course) and veggies. So we have been laying low and not going out much, except to work, which has left me with no restaurant stories, nor anything else for that matter, to impart. However I am sure you will be delighted to know that we are starting to feel a little more energetic now and hopefully are on the easier end of this 10 day program. Besides there are really only so many ways you can dress brown rice up so that it is not boring. The picture below I took yesterday of some of the lovely fresh fruit we bought to sustain us; South African grapefruits, grapes and granny smith apples plus some other bits. I was actually saying to Stu some months before we left SA that there was not a granny smith to be seen, this is clearly why as they seem all to be here in the supermarket in great green groaning piles.

nice fruit

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a lecherous “guide”, an oasis, and technology

This Eid I had big plans. I was going to go to Ikea and have a wander round, I was going to have my car properly washed (inside and out), I was going to have my wheels balanced (yes this is important) and go to Pilates at least once, I even booked a session. Sadly it seems the universe decided I should spend 3 days flat on my back with a nasty tummy bug, so that is what I did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was even feeling too bad to watch TV the first day, how tragic! Happily though by Friday I was much improved and so Stuart, his nightingale skills stretched to breaking point, suggested we take a drive to Al Ain and find the Oasis there, which is very old and apparently worth a visit. I agreed.

Now when I think of an oasis the first thing that comes to mind is an island of green in the middle of an ocean of sand, seen through a shimmering heat mirage in the distance. On closer inspection you find a whole lot of palm trees, some quiet still pools of water, a few camels or goats scattered around and right in the shadiest, quietest part in the centre there are some large cushions scattered around where people are relaxing and having a glass of mint tea. Well let me tell you the reality is nothing like that.

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Dubai in mind

I wrote this a few weeks ago whilst sitting in a workshop in Kenya on the 13th of May this year funnily enough. Stu had accepted the position and the ball had begun to roll..

I imagine.
Thundering hooves and shifting sand,
a breath of air.
Artificial oasis’s upon
a dry and unforgiving land.

A woman laughs.
The chink of glasses raised in toast,
a successful delivery.
A well newly sunk
which will bring great hope.

I expect.
Searing outdoor heat and cool interiors,
a shopping mecca.
Cultures combined where
ladies dine in comfort with warriors.

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