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In all likelihood Ramadan will start tomorrow, that is depending on the sighting of the new moon, which will probably happen tonight.

Ramadan follows the moon cycle with lasts 29 or 30 days. It is seen as an opportunity for families to renew their connections, it’s also a month of forgiveness and mercy. According to a quote in the Xpress today Ramadan is “when you hit the reset button on your relationships – with God, with yourself, family and even neighbours”.

For the non-Muslims living in the region, and for tourists too, it is important to have consideration for those fasting and remember that all eating, drinking and even smoking in public is frowned upon between dawn and dusk.

There are some other facts worth knowing for those that are fasting:

  • Iftar (or the meal to break the fast each day) is best taken with something sweet like dates or fruit.
  • Sexual intercourse is not allowed between dawn and dusk.
  • You are allowed to check the flavours of food whilst cooking in the day (within reason).
  • You may brush your teeth, with toothpaste.
  • Medicine, like insulin or asthma sprays, is permitted.
  • The ill or the elderly are excused from fasting.
source: the Xpress newspaper 20 August

Burj Tower

Changing the subject a little, we all complain about our jobs now and again, but I think I read today about what I think is one of the worst jobs in the world. Namely cleaning the very top of the spire on the Burj tower. This tower is 818+ meters high, and whilst most of it can be cleaned using a custom-made mechanical bucket machine which moves horizontally and then vertically, the very top of the spire is cleaned by human beings. Ooo-er that sounds scary.

Incidentally the tower is due to open in September, along with the Metro. Apparently only 10 of the 26 stations on the red line will be ready in time. Oh dear.

Ramadan Kareem to you all.

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