choose wisely

There have been a few reports in the paper lately about the state of fish stocks in the waters around the UAE and the bottom line is that some species are in big trouble.

So before you buy or order fish PLEASE take a few minutes to read the list below, and then chose something that is sustainable.

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our ecological footprint

I wanted to share this little film clip from Emirates Wildlife Society with you as it’s something we all tend to forget about living here, but the reality is we all need to start making better choices.

Emirates Wildlife Society – UAE Ecological Footprint -2010: UAE

This stop-motion animation for WWF/EWS took over 150 hours of set building, 300 newspapers, and 200 hours of shooting for 2500 stills. The process took place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London and needed over 50 hours of meetings and more than 400 cups of coffee.


Client: Emirates Wildlife Society – World Wildlife Fund
Advertising Agency: AYA Middle East
Creative director: Kal Dreisziger, AYA
Copywriter: Kal Dreisziger, AYA
Art director: Viko Ferrari, AYA
Director: Ben Falk
Producer: Phil Vanier, Asylum Films
Production Designer: Pippa Culpepper, Asylum Films
Art Director: Sarah Ascroft-Leigh, Asylum Films
Production Company: Asylum Films, Asylum Films
Post production / Animation: Asylum Films

paper in all it’s guises (ok some of them anyway)

Over the last month or so Stu and I took part in a paper recycling drive, called “My Tree In Dubai”, launched by EEG in March. The idea was to recycle 60kgs of paper, and earn one of 250 trees that would be planted in Dubai. If you managed to qualify your tree would be named after you. The only hassly part was having to take the paper down to the center in Beach Road, but the rest was easy, and fun, especially considering there was even a facebook application where you could update the weight deposited with the date, and a few more leaves would be added according to how close you were to the target as a percentage.


[the plaque]

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green “wudu”

“Wudu” is the Islamic act of washing parts of the body using water. According to Wikipedia – Muslims are required to be clean in preparation for ritual prayers which are prescribed to be taken 5 times a day.


[Wudu Washer – from the Xpress]

There are four obligatory acts that have to be performed, if one is omitted then all must be performed again. These are:

  1. washing the face once
  2. washing both the arms (including the elbows) once
  3. performing Masah on one fourth of the head
  4. washing both the feet once; up to and including the ankles

The water that is used for this process may only be rain, well, spring, sea or river water; or water from melting snow or hail; or water from a big tank or pond. It must be clean, and cannot be re-used during the process. So as you can imagine this uses a great deal of water. In fact, according to an article I read in the Xpress newspaper, two million pilgrims use fifty million litres of water EVERY DAY during the Haj in Saudi Arabia.

But there is some good news, a company is now producing a high-tech automatic Wudu Washer in Kuala Lumpur that will save up to 80% on the current water usage during ablutions.

I think this is great news, especially in the desert (where it is kinda scarce to start with).

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